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Sumukha provide a range of value adding Business Development services to clients around the world from market analysis and penetration strategy through to sales representation, commercial engineering, new product introduction and customer account management. We work closely with our clients to define core competency, competitive differentiators and growth strategy to generate new business opportunities that can be nurtured into strategic customer accounts.
We have built up trust and confidence with some of the major players in the industry based on a history of delivering what we promise.
We only promote businesses that are willing to embrace best practices and have a culture of continuous improvement embedded within their organizations.
We support businesses develop this infrastructure and culture through our Industrialisation services however we won't tarnish our reputation by promoting businesses that do not offer customers excellent value money.
Our team manages the entire business development process:
Networking and company presentations to target customers Identify potential work package opportunities
generate request for quotations
Meet with clients to receive feedback
Programme manage new product introduction
To know more about how SUMUKHA can support your business to access new markets and customers,
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